Carbon - Reeper Side Lipo boxes

Carbon - Reeper Side Lipo boxes

75,00 € Tax excluded

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Available on custom request - Contact us.

Side Lipo boxes for Cen Reeper / Colossus XT

  • Machined from 3mm Carbon Fiber
  • fits to ALZA chassis without drilling
  • weight per pair: about 420g.
  • aprox 80g can be saved with use of plastic distance spacers
  • max battery lenght  183mm

What comes with the kit:

  • 2 sets of Side Lipo boxes with hardware listed below
  • 1 set of Steel Distance spacers (available from 25-45mm in 5mm steps)
  • set of screws

IMPORTANT: Mounting them onto stock chassis requires drilling of 4 holes per Chassis side.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you sand and seal (glue) all the edges before installing !!