How to place an order in our webshop:
Customer has to register into the webshop through register form to see the prices and to make the order.

When registering, you choose your shipping address and based on that the TAX (VAT) is added to the products, if your shipping address is inside the European Union.

When adding items to the cart, it's value changes based on the product price, and with that also shipping costs are changing automaticly as they are based on products weight.

1st. step – Summary:
After you add desired products to the cart, you proceed to the next step  (Checkout) where you can review your order and change it if you wish. When all is done please click on the "NEXT" button to proceed to the next step.

2nd. step – Login:
As you are allready loged in, the LOGIN step goes automaticly through.

3rd. step – Address:
Here you can check and change your delivery address. If everything is ok click on the "NEXT" button.

4th. step – Shipping:
At this step you review the selected shipping carrier, and the most importan thing, you Agree that your decision of order is final and that you have read the Legal Terms.

5th. step – Payment:
You choose your desired way of making payment. If you choose Paypal, you will be directed to the Paypal website where you can complete your payment and your order will be completed.

If you choose bankwire, than proceed to step 5a.

5a. step – Payment:
You have chosen bankwire, so you have to confirm your order once again, after confirmation you will be redirected to webpage with bankwire details for making the money transfer. Also email with bankwire details will be sent to the email you have provided in the registration process.

After order is placed you will receive all details of order to your email address.

Invoice will be shipped together with your order.

Changing the order:
Cart can be changed anytime before order was taken over the final step.

If your order is payed, but not yet shipped, you can still add or remove products from your order. Just send us email to support@alza-racing.com and we will assist you with your wishes. Even if you want to cancel a non shipped order, this is not a problem.

Final confirmation of order:
Order is automaticly confirmed after Paypal payment was made, or in case of Bankwire at the time when the money has arrived to the Bank account.