XLX Aluminium Case

XLX Aluminium Case

38.00 € Tax excl.

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Aluminium case for XLX

  • Machined from 6082-T6 Aluminium
  • Fits Castle Creations Mamba XLX
  • Fan mounting plate by choice (single, dual, universal)
  • Box Inside Height: 30mm

What is in the kit:

  • 1x 3mm XLX Case bottom plate
  • 1x 3mm XLX Case Top plate of choice for mounting the fans
  • 2x 5mm XLX Case Front Side plates
  • 1x 5mm XLX Case Rear plate
  • 2x Black POM Capacitor Capture part
  • set of screws for assembling the case

XLX Cover plate options description:

  • Single-40: accepts one 40mm fan in center
  • Dual-40: accepts two 40mm fans
  • Universal: accepts two 40mm fans or one 40mm fan in center.

What is needed and is not included:

  • One or Two fans
  • mounting hardware for the fans
  • top cover for the fans (optional)

Picture with XLX  shows Single fan mounted on Universal Top plate which can also accept 2x 40mm fan.

Your XLX ESC height can vary because of the amount of thermal paste between top and bottom ESC heatsink

ESC, Fans, or Fan Cover are NOT INCLUDED