Bulkhead Brace Conversion Kit

Bulkhead Brace Conversion Kit

Reference: SAVAGE

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  • Savage Bulkhead Brace conversion kit
  • No more worrying about broken bulkheads, braces or lost pins
  • Complete set for two bulkheads
  • Weight: aprox 64g
  • Pins are sealed on both side


If your Savage is using Z643 and Z632 (depends on age) screws to hold the original
bulkhead braces in place, than you will have to drill deeper hole into the bulkheads
to be able to use supplied screws. Shorter screws can be used, but with more chances
to tear the screw ouf from the bulkhead.

Original plastic bottom pin holders should be trimmed away, as the kit itself will
hold the pins in place.

If you have newer set of HPI arms, slight modification to arm is needed.
HPI changed the design by adding a small bulge to the arm, which
needs to be removed if you want the KIT to sit propperly.

Also keep in mind that no part is bulletproof to hard direct impacts and it
may bend on harder impacts.