V3 5B Conversion kit

V3 5B Conversion kit

100,00 € Tax excluded

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Made only to order

Preparation time 10 days

Second and third picture are showing some optional parts that are not included in the kit.

New version of 5B Conversion kit

  • 1/5 wheelbase (aprox 562mm)

  • 3x position for batterybox

  • 1x inside TVP's battery position (with optional Lipo plate)

  • machined from 5mm aluminium

  • prepared for optional Servo and ESC plate

What's Included in the kit:

  • Left and Right chassis plate 5mm thick

  • 2 dogbones (front & rear)

  • braces for connecting the cabin top

What you need to know:

  • Motor is now in front of the truck facing to the back.

  • some of the parts from old version are partialy compatible

  • If you will use transmission box, skip next two points.

  • if you have 5B CD Kit for OLD version, you need different CD sideplates

  • if you allready have standard CD Kit, you only need 5B CD Dogbone